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Here at Active Chiropractic Care we partner with various local businesses and professionals to ensure all of our patients have access to the tools they need to achieve their Active D.R.E.A.M. in and out of our office! Here are some of our Active Partners who have become a part of the Active Team helping to spread the message of creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Marisa Andersen- The Acupuncture Place


Marisa is the owner of The Acupuncture Place on the border of Smithtown and Commack, specializing in the treatment of many conditions, including anti-aging acupuncture, dermatology, women’s health, and migraine relief to name a few!

Dr. Daniel Choi- Long Island Spine Specialists


Dr. Choi is a trained spine surgeon with a special focus on minimally invasive procedures. Dr. Choi has successfully completed the Harvard Medical School neurological and orthopedic spine surgery fellowship and has worked hand in hand with many renowned spine surgeons. He works each and every day helping and educating people about spine health throughout the Long Island area. Having authored numerous textbook chapters and articles, there’s no question his influence has spread further into communities across the country.

Melissa Levine- Body By Melissa


Melissa is a Pilates instructor here in the Commack community helping people of all ages to strengthen their bodies, putting the R and E in D.R.E.A.M each and every day! Melissa has helped walk our patients through numerous complimentary Pilates experiences designed to improve muscle function, strengthen your core, reduce the risk of injury, and burn calories all in the name of achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Phountain Proactive Health Center- Commack


PHountain is your central source for “super-foods” and “alkaline” supplements. They are Commack's premier health center built on a model of nutrition awareness, education and research to deliver the most innovative detox and restorative solutions made affordable and accessible to everyone, especially their Alkaline Water which our patients here at Active Chiropractic Care have enjoyed for years now!

Energy Fitness- Long Island


Energy Fitness is a Long Island Based chain of gyms and instructors who provide outstanding teams of fitness and wellness professionals that are passionate about inspiring others to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life! The trainers over at Energy Fitness continue to help transform the lives of our patients and community members each and every day!

Kelly Sullivan- KellyOM Pilates and Wellness


Kelly is a Pilates instructor and wellness coach here in our Commack Community. Kelly’s passion in life is helping people heal. She loves working with students of all levels, from rehabilitation patients, to dancers and yoga teachers, male athlete’s and anyone looking to hit their health and fitness goals. Her main focus is on proper alignment just like ours and making sure every student is challenged and working to full potential in the safest, most effective way. 

F45 Training- Dix Hills


F45 Stands for Functional 45, a 45 minute workout targeted at reaching specific goals while burning the maximum amount of calories. These team workouts utilize high intensity interval training to provide maximum results in fitness training, motivating our community members to achieve their goals and get their bodies and minds back into shape!

Coach Jim Fanara CSCS - Inner Strength Sports Conditioning 


Inner Strength Sports Conditioning's, training programs, information seminars and coaching clinics are focused on helping athletes, parents and coaches reduce non-contact injuries. Coach Jim Works closely with Athletes in our Commack and Surrounding communities learn to exercise and activate their muscles properly to ensure a healthy, pain free workout experience!

Li Live - Commack


Long Island LIVE Health Club is built to help New York heroes maximize Health and Fitness. Their mission is to help their clients maximize on their own personal power without the help of "magic pills." If you are looking for a holistic gym to tap into your body's natural potential, this is the gym for you!

Plant Wise- Long Island


Plant Wise is a 100% plant based (vegan) eatery on Long Island, NY. The team over at Plant wise believes that consuming more whole plant based foods can help everyone achieve long lasting health. That’s why their mission is to promote eating at least One Plant Based Meal Per Day. Many of these plant based foods work perfectly into the Alkaline Diet, so they are Active Approved!

Michael Read, LMT


Michael Read is our resident Massage Therapist renting out his own space right here in our office! Mike Specializes In: Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Medical Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage, ensuring every patient who comes to see him leaves feeling relaxed and out of pain! 

If you are a professional/business owner in the Commack or surrounding communities and would like to become an Active Partner to help transform the lives of our patients and community members, reach out to our office and we can setup a meeting to discuss a plan to work together!

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  • "After a severe 4 day migraine that was so intense it actually blurred my vision, I went to see Dr A. My body was so imbalanced I actually felt lopsided. Thank you so much…I woke up this morning with no headache and I'm ready to beat myself up at the gym again. ..I guess that means I will see you again next Thank you again for the amazing adjustment."
  • "Yesterday I couldn't move my neck and my right arm. Dr. Ackerman squeezed me in and woke up today feeling like a million bucks. Ready to spend 8 hours hunched over the operating room table. Thanks doc! U r the man!!!!"
    Dr. Scott
  • "I met Dr. Ackerman 6 years ago when I was diagnosed with arthritis in the hip. I was on the road to a hip replacement. Dr. "A" taught me to squat, lunge and put movement into my hip with his advice on nutrition and a regular chiropractic appointments I am no longer on the road to a hip replacement.

    I am now a healthy athletic person that has participated in a Spartan Race and several 5k events.

    Thank you Dr. Ackerman!!!"
    Laurie B.
  • "Getting ready to leave on the family cruise!!! Thanks to Dr. David Ackerman I am pain free.. Gotta love being adjusted."

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