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Phase 2: Spinal Strengthening and Stabilization

Putting the "Active" in Active Chiropractic Care

Here at Active Chiropractic Care, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and application of functional rehabilitation for the spine.

It is the second phase of treatment in our office that really sets us apart from other offices in the area.

Once out of pain, each of our patients will receive a specific exercise routine catered to their specific condition or imbalance.

It is crucial that you strengthen and stabilize your entire spine in order to sustain the benefits of enhanced spinal health and increased physical performance.

To accomplish proper spinal strength and stabilization it requires a minimum of 4-8 weeks depending on your level of conditioning.

What this means is that you will not only get out of pain in our office. If you follow our recommendations, you will leave stronger and healthier than when you first came in.

Once you have achieved your optimal level of health and function, it is important to sustain it through routine maintenance care.

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  • "After a severe 4 day migraine that was so intense it actually blurred my vision, I went to see Dr A. My body was so imbalanced I actually felt lopsided. Thank you so much…I woke up this morning with no headache and I'm ready to beat myself up at the gym again. ..I guess that means I will see you again next Thank you again for the amazing adjustment."
  • "Yesterday I couldn't move my neck and my right arm. Dr. Ackerman squeezed me in and woke up today feeling like a million bucks. Ready to spend 8 hours hunched over the operating room table. Thanks doc! U r the man!!!!"
    Dr. Scott
  • "I met Dr. Ackerman 6 years ago when I was diagnosed with arthritis in the hip. I was on the road to a hip replacement. Dr. "A" taught me to squat, lunge and put movement into my hip with his advice on nutrition and a regular chiropractic appointments I am no longer on the road to a hip replacement.

    I am now a healthy athletic person that has participated in a Spartan Race and several 5k events.

    Thank you Dr. Ackerman!!!"
    Laurie B.
  • "Getting ready to leave on the family cruise!!! Thanks to Dr. David Ackerman I am pain free.. Gotta love being adjusted."

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