About Active Chiropractic Care

Our individual care plans allow us to provide the most effective treatment by performing precise, detailed chiropractic adjustments. A licensed Chiropractor like our chiropractors from Active Chiropractic Care can help treat your injury through various chiropractic treatment methods to give your body a much better chance of recovering properly. We aim to reduce the amount of pain and discomfort you feel. Our goal is for you to leave our office feeling stronger and more relaxed than you did when you walked in.

Our Advantages

  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Individualized Treatment
  • Initial Chiropractic Examination
  • Diagnostic Spinal X-Rays
  • Complimentary Consultations
  • Licensed chiropractors
  • Emergency Chiropractic
  • Innovative Treatment Options
  • Accept Medical Liens
  • Friendly Staff
  • Same-day Appts Avaliable
  • Comfortable Exam Rooms
  • Relaxing Waiting Area

Meet Our doctors

Through skills and knowledge, our doctors provide comprehensive care to help patients improve their overall wellness.


Diet - You may be doing everything else right, but if you are not eating healthy then you're wasting your time. The foods we eat are either fueling the body or depleting it of vital nutrients. There are certain foods that are nutrient dense (alkaline) which help to promote energy production and healing. There are acidic foods that rob our body's of vitamins and minerals causing unhealthy disease processes in the body, inflammation, swelling, and improper autoimmune responses. We take all of our patient's pH readings as part of their initial intake and monitor them throughout their health journey at our office!

Rest and Recovery - Many people are either overstressed or overtraining. Both release unhealthy amounts of the stress hormone cortisol, which breaks down the connective tissues in the body and stores additional fat. Adequate rest and recovery are equally important in the healing process. The prescription of yoga and meditation is also very helpful in reducing the detrimental effects of cortisol on one’s health. So many of us are conditioned to hitting the gas all the time that we forgot how to use the brakes on our own body. Being in tune with yourself and knowing how to reduce stress is crucial for your health and healing. We teach all of our patient's techniques, stretches and exercises to calm the mind and body. We also have a full time massage therapist to help aid in the recovery process in addition to your Chiropractic care.

Exercise - We all know that exercise is vital to our health. What we don't know is how to choose the correct exercises for our body or how to execute them properly. Our Doctor's will help you choose the right exercises for your body type, goals, and any physical limitations you may have. Exercise will improve your posture, improve your mood, and decrease your risk for injury and disease. We provide one on one stretching and exercise instruction to all of our patients in office.

Alignment - The most important and overlooked part of your health is your SPINE! Many common health complaints and conditions originate from misalignments of the spine. It's impossible to be healthy if you have an unhealthy spine! We evaluate ALL of our patient's using state of the art technology including computerized muscle scans and 3D imaging of the feet! We also have an in office Digital X-Ray machine to further evaluate the spine if necessary. We specialize in performing many different adjusting (alignment) techniques to correct the most common and difficult spinal conditions! Our Doctor's are trained in many Chiropractic techniques including low force techniques such as using the Activator instrument or Hill Flexion Distraction tables. We want all of our patients to feel safe and pain free from their adjustments!

Mental Health - We all have heard the saying "your mind controls your body". There happens to be a lot of truth to it. The mind plays a crucial part in your health and can even play an instrumental role in how you feel physically. Identifying any mental components contributing to your condition plays an instrumental part in your healing process. Also, adopting a healthier mental health routine can improve your outlook on life and change how you feel both mentally and physically in the long term.

With these five crucial components in mind, our Doctor's identity causes of health problems and communicate with patients what needs to be done in order to resolve their problem and live a healthier and more Active lifestyle!

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