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Weight Loss Program!

Here are some potential benefits of participating in a weight loss program:

  • Improved Health
  • Enhanced Heart Health
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Sleep
  • Enhanced Mobility

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What Does Detoxification Have To Do With Weight Loss?

We are in contact with 100's of toxins and chemicals on a daily basis. We are ingesting them in our food and drinks, absorbing them through our skin from lotions and deodorants and breathing them in from the exhaust fumes and chemicals in our environment.

Over time these chemicals become trapped in our bodies and begin to accumulate. Because chemicals and toxins are extremely acidic in nature, our bodies have developed a way to protect us from them. They do this by retaining excess fluid to dilute the acid and wall them off by creating pockets of fat. This is how the body protects the vital organs from being in direct contact from these toxins which could be lethal.

A detoxification / purification program is designed specifically to help the body gently and effectively cleanse these toxins from storage and remove the excess body water and fat pockets with it in the process.

This is why most people gain their weight back with conventional dieting and exercise. The body must protect itself from the toxins that are trapped in the bodies fat cells. In order to do this, it retains more fluids to once again dilute the acids of the body to prevent any injury to the organs or cells of the body.

Most people who complete our 21 Day Detoxification Program for the first time lose an average of 5-10 lbs. in the first month from the loss of excess body fluid alone!!

Once you have completed the detoxification portion of the program (Days 1-11) the next step is to establish healthier eating habits and a healthier lifestyle in order to keep the weight off (Days 11-21).

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Are Detoxification Programs Safe?

It all depends on the type of detox you are doing and the supervision you have doing it. Most detox's that people do have been made up either on the internet or by one of their friends. They are harsh and usually consist of drinking only fluids or doing some strange rituals. Most of them don't work because you are not ingesting enough fiber with them and when the toxins are released from the fat cells into your lymphatic and digestive system, they end up being re absorbed right back into your body. This is why people always feel "great" when they are doing their cleanses but the moment they stop they feel bloated and tired again.

Our program is designed by a reputable nutraceutical company who has 1,000's of healthy products and medical grade vitamins on the market. You can only purchase this program if you have a medical or health practitioners license.

The main difference is that it is designed with a detoxification program attached to a cleansing program. What this means is that as you are releasing the toxins into your lymphatic and digestive system, you are also eliminating and excreting them from your body. That is why our product is the safest and actually works!

Am I Going to Be Starving / Can I Eat Real Food?

Unlike most detoxification and weight loss programs, you can actually eat real food. The more food the better! In fact, the food you eat plays a vital role in the detoxification and diet process. This is because you must eliminate all processed foods and acidic foods while replacing them with alkaline forming foods. This will promote the water and fat loss in addition to buffering the bodies pH levels.

The key to weight loss is not to starve yourself or workout to the point of exhaustion, it is to release the toxins that are trapped in your system allowing the body to safely release and eliminate the excess fluids and body fat being retained.

Standard Process - 10 Day Detoxification Program

If you are interested in doing a cleanse and receiving similar benefits without committing to 21 days, eliminating all meat and grains, then the 10 Day Detox Balance Program may be right for you!

The Standard Process 10 Day Detox Balance Program was designed to cleanse the body of excess toxins over a 10 day period.

It is easy to follow and consists of eating real food, healthy meats, and some grains and 1-3 Standard Process shakes / day for 10 days.

You still must eliminate toxic and inflammatory foods such as coffee and alcohol during the 10 day period but it will be well worth it!

The Standard Process Detox Balance Program comes with its own instruction manual with a complete description of all the foods to eat and how to perform the Detox!

Contact (631) 499 6180 in our Commack office for more information if you are interested in starting the 10 Day Standard Process Detox Balance Program!

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Patient consultation with chiropractor
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