Stabilizes Your Joints with
Kinesio Taping !

How You May Benefit From Kinesio Taping:

  • Improve Balance
  • Edema
  • Pain Relief
  • Improve Circulation

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Benefits Of Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping supports and stabilizes your joints and muscles without affecting circulation and range of motion. It can also be used for prevention maintenance. Edema, and pain relief.

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How Kinesio Taping Works

Patient being tested for neuropathy sensory issues

The Kinesio Taping Method is connected over muscles to lessen pain and irritation, relax worn out muscles, and to assist muscles in development on a 24hr/day basis. It’s a non-prohibitive type of taping which permits full extend of movement.

In Comparison, traditional sports’ taping is used around the joint to stabilize and support it during activity. But this obstructs the flow of bodily fluids and can easily result in side effects. Kinesio Tape can be used for anything from headaches to foot issues and everything in the middle.

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Patient consultation with chiropractor
Patient consultation with chiropractor
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