Woman with intense neck pain

How often do you feel pain when you turn your neck? Do you even feel pain in your shoulders? Becoming even more common is the stress generated by desk and computer work. Let’s face it, that’s our modern culture. It’s inspiring we can touch the world by a keyboard.

What isn’t inspiriting is when pain interferes with your daily life. How often does this happen to you? Neck and shoulder pain are very common in our modern world. This is where we hold our tension. Let’s do a little test to see how you hold your tension? Focus on your neck and upper shoulder area? Close your eyes, if even for a few seconds, and feel that area. Are your muscles are tight or relaxed?

It’s not fun, or healthy, to have neck and shoulder pain. Did you know that your neck is a analogous to a major highway, anatomically? When this highway is clear, meaning,relaxed blood and nerve flow move with ease. What does this mean? It means you feel relaxed and make decisions with more clarity since your brain and entire body are getting the necessary oxygen and nerve energy that makes you thrive.

What happens when your neck and shoulders are tense? Have you ever felt tired for no apparent reason? Have you ever felt irritated just out of the blue? These can be stress signals. Stress and tension can block this vital flow of blood and oxygen, going in both directions; to and from your brain!

Measure the difference for yourself. How do you feel when you are relaxed versus when you are stressed! Chiropractic can relieve the stress. For over a hundred years, for thousands upon thousands of patients through the years, chiropractic is the safe and effective treatment for neck and shoulder pain, offering relief. In some cases that relief is instantaneous! Energy, like life, is either moving forward or backward? Your body, your health, is also in motion. Which way is your body moving? To health or to rigidity? Which state is better for life, your life?

The important questions to ask yourself are: How much longer do you want to live with the tension? How soon do you want relief?

Chiropractic care-safe, effective and in many cases instantaneous relief, for patients.

Do you feel like you carry all your stress and tension in your neck and shoulders? Neck pain is a very common, but often very painful condition. A simple test to determine if you suffer from neck pain that may lead to even further health conditions is to test your range of motion. Look down at your chest, now look up at the ceiling, finally turn your head to the right and left. If you said “ouch" while you were performing these simple tasks, this Is Not Normal! Neck pain can be directly linked to subluxations (spinal misalignment). Chiropractic physicians are trained extensively in the diagnosis and treatment of neck pain conditions.

Patient consultation with chiropractor
Patient consultation with chiropractor
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